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Goose Landing Farm and Cobble Hill Farm together breed pure Section B Welsh ponies from the award-winning blood line of Sleight of Hand. We also breed Cleveland Bay horses—an endangered species (under 200 in the Western Hemisphere and 500 total in the world)—that are wonderful to ride and capable of mastering dressage.

We have one Cleveland Bay filly for sale at this time. Paloma is a beautiful example of this rare and regal breed.

Goose Landing Farm began operations in 1992, focusing originally on Shetland ponies. We raised and trained dozens of ponies from two outstanding studs: Georgetown's Tom Cat--five-time World Grand Champion, Pony of the Year, and in the Hall of Fame; and Bar-G's Doubletake--National Grand Champion, Pony of the Year and also in the Hall of Fame. We began breeding Cleveland Bays  in 2001.

Located in the Litchfield Hills of Northwest Connecticut, an hour from Hartford, we invite you to visit our farm and see the ponies and horses frolicking energetically in their pastures.

For more information about Cleveland Bays, contact the Society at:  http://www.clevelandbay.org/

For all farm inquiries, contact:

Ira Shapiro/Jacqueline Dedell, owners,

Goose Landing Farm/Cobble Hill Farm
PO Box 155
Litchfield, CT 06759

Tel: 860-672-2222
email: ibshap@gmail.com

Specific Cleveland Bay questions can be addressed to:

Amanda Perkins, Farm Manager, 860-672-0816